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JBIT MedPro Device
Joint Pain & Mobility device invented by Jonathan Bender helps unload lower extremity pressure while engaging muscle, correcting posture, preventing overcompensation and increasing mobility.  
Joint Pain Relief Codes Digital Program
Joint Pain & Mobility improving digital program designed by Jonathan Bender. Tips that help you rid knee, back pain and increase mobility in the comfort of your own home. 
Fat Hacking Codes Digital Program
An extreme weight loss program designed by Jonathan Bender. This program provides tips and tricks used by High Level athletes to cut fat fast. The program is designed for the everyday individual to implement right in the comfort of your home or hotel room.
 Court Side CEO Resource & Educational Terminal
An Entrepreneurial Book and Program designed by Jonathan Bender sharing his personal pitfalls and success in entrepreneurship. 
1 on 1 Coaching with Jonathan Bender
Whether you have knee pain or you're trying to get your idea or product off the ground.  Have Jonathan Bender come to you and develop a complete customized program so you can experience success faster.