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Who is Jonathan Bender?
An NBA Player, Inventor, Author & Entrepreneur. Jonathan is the all time leading scorer for the McDonald's All American game scoring 31 points breaking Michael Jordan's record of 30 which was set in 1981.  He was the 5th pick in the 1999 NBA draft to the Indiana Pacers and spent 7 years there before retiring due to chronic knee conditions.
In 2007 Jonathan invented the JBIT MedPro with the help of Purdue University and was able to rehabilitate himself. He returned to the NBA in 2009 and played for the NY Knicks, recording the strongest lowest extremity on the team according to Knicks doctors.  Jonathan launched the JBIT to the masses through his JB3 Innovations company , helping individuals with conditions ranging from chronic knee and back problems to sciatica, CP, MS and other mobility restrictive diseases.
What is the JBIT Medpro?
A self rehabilitation tool developed by Jonathan to help individuals who suffer with chronic knee, back pain and mobility issues.
What is the Joint Pain Relief Codes?
A book and video series developed by Jonathan Bender to help individuals with Joint Pain.
What is the Court Side CEO Terminal?
A book and online portal where Entrepreneurs and Inventors can learn from Jonathan and other exports on a monthly basis to help improve your product or business.
How do I get in contact with Jonathan?
You can email Jonathan at Jonathan@JonathanBender.com. and he will get back to you as soon as he can.
How do I get a refund?
Simply send an email to support@jonathanbender.com with your request and you will be taken care of.
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