Jonathan Bender is a NBA Veteran, inventor, author, business owner, investor and computer nerd. Jonathan hit the scene by being the youngest player to ever play in the NBA at age 17. He beat Michael Jordan’s scoring record in the McDonalds All American game which still stands today and went on to be the #5 draft pick to the Indiana Pacers in 1999. Jonathan went on to build a portfolio of over 35 units of housing in the New Orleans area post Katrina, providing assistance in rebuilding the city after the devastating hurricane. After 7 years in the NBA he was forced to retire due to chronic knee pain in 2006. He would then go on to do the unthinkable from an NBA player.



Jonathan decided to fix his own knees by inventing the JB Intensive Trainer along with Purdue University Engineers which enabled him to re enter the NBA in 2010 after sitting out for 4 years. Jonathan returned and registered the strongest lower extremity on the entire team. After one year with the Knicks he would then retire a second time but on his own terms. At the ripe age of 29 he brought the JB Intensive Trainer to the market to help others who suffer with joint pain and mobility issues. Jonathan would also create the Joint Pain Relief Codes, which is a digital E Book and program that teaches self rehabilitation for individuals with joint issues. He aslo authored and successfully published the Courtside CEO paperback book which offers guidance for entrepreneurs and everyday people, providing the exact formula to getting exactly what you want out of life in record time.